Implant & Periodontics

Implant Dentistry

A dental implant is a great option for the person missing one or more teeth, in replacement of complete or partial dentures.  It is an artificial (titanium) tooth placed in the bone, which can be reconstructed to a fully functional tooth with a custom abutment and an esthetic crown.
There are many advantages with dental implants. When you lose a tooth or teeth, the shrinkage of the bone appears and it may cause the dentures to loose its retention and even alter your face shape. A dental implant is a fixed restoration. It is not removable like dentures (you do not have to take it out at night), it allows you to floss in between each tooth (unlike bridges), and it prevents the dental/facial bone loss.


Periodontics is a very important dental field which specializes in the soft tissues of the mouth and the underlying bone which supports the teeth, called a periodontium. The periodontist, who specializes in this field, is mainly concerned with preventing the onset of gum disease, diagnosing conditions affecting the gums and jawbone, and treating gingivitis, periodontitis and bone loss. The common signs of periodontal disease includes bleeding gums (especially when you brush), swollen gums, mobility of your teeth, shifting teeth, and sometimes, bad breath as well. At our office, we diagnose and treat periodontal disease with a specialist.