Pain Management

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is required to save a badly damaged or infected tooth before moving into options such as removing the tooth and replacing it with implants or dentures. In root canal treatment, the infected/diseased nerves are removed and the canals inside the tooth are disinfected. Contrary to the popular belief, root canal treatments are often painless after proper anesthesia. If a patient has severe infection, sometimes antibiotics can be given to reduce the degree of infection first.


Sometimes, a tooth needs to be removed because other restoration procedures cannot save the tooth. For the dental extraction, the doctor will completely numb your tooth, bone, and gums in the area with local anesthesia. After the extraction, you may have mild bleeding. Please bite down the gauze on the extraction area for 30 to 45 minutes until bleeding is controlled. For your healing process, it is very important that blood clots stay inside the empty socket. Please avoid rinsing or spitting for 24 hours after the extraction, avoid using a straw, avoid smoking tobacco, and avoid eating hot or spicy foods.